These Are the Pups That Top the List of Smartest Dog Breeds

Gordon Setter

According to the American Kennel Club, although they were originally bred to hunt, setters have become known for their reliability, excellent memory, and stamina, in addition to their intelligence.

Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terriers are known for their decision-making abilities and hunting tactics when put to the challenge. 

Old English Sheepdog

They are impeccable watchdogs, and thrive in situations where they must protect someone or something. But be warned, they can become unhappy and destructive when left without companionship.

English Springer Spaniel

Originally developed as a "gun dog" for game shooting in fields, English Springer Spaniels are extremely obedient in tracking and hunting, while also being a pleasant companion.

Australian Cattle

They are especially intelligent at hearing and protecting livestock, so they are superb dogs for those who live on farms.

Belgian Tervuren

Turning tasks and chores into games helps these pups get the job done, and they'll actually start to enjoy their new work.

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